An up-close, hilarious, creepily absurd behind-the-scenes look into Trump's daily life.  Never before seen outtakes invented from a sad overblown life.

It's hard to fashion anything more bleakly painfully comic than the Trumpian Everyday, but somehow Gil Kofman succeeds in doing even that, while all the while plumbing depths and chasms verging on the tragic compassionate.  A neat trick in this sorry moment.

Lawrence Weschler



I love this play. Theatre of the grotesque about one of the most grotesque entities to ever  walk the earth.  Bold, clever and very funny. But be warned, funny is ugly in this play. And ugly is an incessant reminder of its subject spewing hateful dull-minded nonsense.  There is a lot of truth here as well. The kind of  truth that  sometimes made me want to drown myself in a cold dark lake. Our brave writer has clearly been driven to the edge of madness and is desperately trying ( through satire driven by wickedly sharp insight) to claw his way back to some kind of normalcy.  We should applaud his valor. Because normalcy has apparently become a vey very difficult place to get to these days. Normalcy is a world where a clown is treated like a clown and the place he inhabits, the ridiculous things he says and does are dismissed as an absurd distraction. Except  this clown seems to have found his audience and they don’t see him as a  clown. They see him as a prophet.  And there are way too many of them.  Holy shit! Are we in trouble. I think the world ( the real one we’re losing) needs this play. And maybe a million more of them.


George F. Walker


TRANSPARENT FALSEHOOD is a phantasmagoria that out-Trumps Trump, revealing the President's shattered psyche and the cost---to him, to the country---exacted by that damage. Scabrous, hilarious, and strangely moving, Kofman's play speaks directly to the time we are forced, alas, to live in.

Joseph Goodrich